Choco Plus Package Design

Graphic design/branding is so much more than just a “pretty package”. A good packaging design does more just look pretty on the shelf, it sells! When our client Hilife Foods began working on their new product – Hilife Choco Plus, we were tasked with designing the packaging for the product. Hilife Foods is one of the biggest food & packaging companies in the country specializing in Oatmeals, Muesli, Choco Flakes, Soya Chunks, Cornflakes as its core business. 

Packaging matters because, at times, before a customer experiences your product she sees how you’ve packaged it. Hilife Choco Plus is a chocolate flavoured wheat-based cereal primarily targeted towards kids segment. Despite kids being the primary consumer of the product, understanding the purchase behaviour of the actual buyer – the mother and father was crucial in designing a successful packaging. Considering this, we designed the package that kids would find attractive enough to want to grab from the shelves and also promising to the parents to lead them to the purchase.

Not only was the product a unique offering by the brand but was something novel from a Nepalese brand. So, directing customer’s attention by creating a familiar design was also an important aspect to direct customer’s attention and lead them to the right decisions as well as perceptions.

Toys and cereal boxes have been longtime companions. The packaging for Hilife Choco Plus went a step further to include a game build into the packaging. The game acted as an in-the-box prize for the consumers without increasing the actual cost of manufacturing for the brand. A puzzle that was embodied into the back of the package was something the kids could cut out and enjoy. This little feature further helps entice kids to choose and consume the product.

Client: Hilife Foods
Date: November 5, 2020
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